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Assurance and Tax Consultants in México

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Flores Von Borstel y De La Torre, S.C. is focused in supporting foreign investors and Mexican investors in understanding the Mexican business environment, while support them in complying with tax and accounting requirements, based in our strong skills and experience in the area of more than 30 years.

 For this, we also count with the collaboration of Nexia International, through our association with Solloa – Nexia, S.C.

Working together as one team for you

We are an integral team of professionals that will help you deliver results for your company working shoulder to shoulder with your internal teams at all times.

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We understand your business

Serving clients from all industries on the region, we have gathered extensive experience on how businesses operate so they can keep moving forward today and reach new heights tomorrow.


Always in contact, always in communication; you can be sure that you will be up to date at every point of what is relevant for your company.


In a faster and faster paced business environment, we lead the way so can always be one step ahead and take the right decisions at the proper moment.


We forge strong business relationships with our clients so we can truly understand their business and help you achieve your goals.

Partner Led Service

Our partners are always close to your operation, coaching and leading every team to share best practice and support your business as you grow.

Our global reach

We are part of a global network of independent accounting and consulting firms. 
When you choose a Nexia firm, you get a more responsive, more personal,  
partner-led service, across the world.